The process of software projects is complex and very demanding work at the end may be on one side of a product you expect, accompanied by variety of benefits as they were set at the beginning, on the other hand can be a project under the sign of failed investment, months of hard work of several teams working the project and disappointment. We are ready to help you implement and meet the different phases of the project so as to minimize the risk of failure.

Form of cooperation and services provided to individual projects can take many forms. We realize projects "turnkey" when taking the complete implementation. We offer the possibility of various project phases such as analysis, systems architecture design, implementation itself, carried out the tests implemented functionality or deploy systems for pilot and production environments. The aim is to divert professional work and your satisfaction.

A brief list of provided services:

  • Full-fledged project implementation
  • Coverage of the various project phases
    • System Analysis
    • Architecture and its detailed development
    • Implementations
    • Testing of implemented functionality
    • Deployment of the pilot and production operations
  • Implementation team lead
  • Expert consultation on your projects
  • Assessment of the technical solution or design solutions
  • Operating and repair applications
  • Design IT solutions based mainly on Microsoft technology and products.
  • Software consulting
  • Application support
  • Prodej antivirových produktů avast!

If you can not find your service business inquiries, please contact us. We'll try our best to meet you.


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