Frequently asked questions

  • We have the MS Exchange server in our company. Why should we buy the GnoseMail?

    Exchange Server is a business platform for e-mail and calendaring functions. GnoseMail is not an alternative to e-mail server. GnoseMail is primarily an information system providing functionality for sending automated e-mails from information systems. GnoseMail makes it easy to centrally manage (definition content, addressees) defined e-mail. All e-mails that are sent from your systems will be available in one application. Each e-mail can contain any number of language versions of e-mail body. All very easy to operate.

  • We can create e-mails in e-mail client application and we send e-mails when we want.

    GnoseMail doesn't substitute role of an e-mail client (eg Microsoft Outlook and similar). "Ad hoc" e-mails and your current personal electronic communication, there is no change. GnoseMail is an information management system for e-mail content management (content definition, recipients etc.) and distribution. However, if you manually send e-mails that are sent repeatedly, or are a response to any event, GnoseMail may be a solution for you. These e-mails will be sent automatically and you can focuse on your "business".

  • We do not use SMTP server in our company. How GnoseMail will send e-mails?

    Gnosemail will send e-mail through your e-mail server or a way you require. E-mail delivery is mediated by modules called e-mail processors. These modules provides, inter alia, e-mail delivery. You can write processor yourself or we offer the development and post-implementation support.

  • Need we we to buy license for MSSQL Server to be GnoseMail working and be licensed?

    No you do not. It is true that GnoseMail used for data storage database server MS SQL Server. In the case your company doesn't use MS SQL Server, it is possible to use MS SQL Express edition. This edition is not charged and fully meets the requirements of GnoseMail system. It is always possible to switch to another edition of the database server in the future.

  • We know the postal addresses of our clients. We need to send them e-mail in their native language. How can we find the language of the country / state?

    Ways is more. If you do not want to invest in developing of own system that will provide this information, you can choose and integrate the Web service Gnosetronics Culture Info.

  • What format of an e-mail body are supported?

    Currently are supported plaintext and HTML formats of e-mail body. In the case the e-mail contains definition of both formats, sent e-mail contains both plaintext and HTML content. HTML content is sent as an alternative body.

  • Is it possible to fill dynamic data to the e-mail body or sending only constatnt (static) content is supported?

    Of course it is encouraged. One possibility to send e-mail is the insertion of data into the e-mail. You can insert spacial tags to the body of e-mail. These tags will be replace by the given dynamic data. This may be as address, names, product names, names of invoices, dates of promotional events, etc. You can create a professional personalized e-mails by this way.

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