Product description

System architecture

GnoseMail is based on Microsoft technologies (.NET Framework ver. 3.5, Windows Communication Foundation, ASP.NET 2.0, AJAX and MS SQL.) The system is designed to integrate* with other internal applications and systems in your company. Thanks to the employed WCF technology the integration is fast, reliable, independent on a specific communication protocol, and easily configurable. (More details on WCF can be found at GnoseMail system solution architecture is based on a multi-layer architecture such as the intranet system. This solution separates the system into separate units communicating with each other at defined interfaces.

Administrative application

GnoseMail has its own administrative applications used for basic operations of government e-mails. Users (administrators) have the ability to create new types of e-mails, managing language versions of e-mails addressed to define for each e-mail, change the method of processing e-mail, etc. From a technical perspective, the administrative application is the client system communicating with GnoseMail via configured protocol. It is an intranet application built on ASP.NET.

Integration into the existing IT infrastructure

As mentioned in the section "System Architecture", GnoseMail programmable interface allows integration with surrounding systems. This technology greatly simplifies the development and maintenance of systems connected to GnoseMail. WCF rozhraní poskytuje mimo jiné interoperabilitu s ne-WCF aplikacemi. WCF interface provides, inter alia, interoperability with non-WCF applications. We can say that GnoseMail is a system, with the latest technology to support integration with other systems regardless of technology and platform of surrounding systems.

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